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E.L.E 04:34
Eco Coin 01:06
Terra 03:47
New Man 01:46
Fossil 02:45
Pacifique 01:43
Adiemus 04:39


Visualizing reverse-imperialism is therapeutic for a generation of dreamers. Having inherited a melting globe, the intelligent designer considers the anti-history of human beings. Through simultaneously envisioning an edenic past with potential utopian futures, the dreamer embarks on a mission: to colonize the original imaginative germ into fallow soil in order to avoid disaster. The original “rite” becomes THE final human fantasy; we are given the opportunity to purchase the ultimate backpack to survive extinction. What’s inside? Well, let’s see:

Backpack Contents:

1. A small journal that collects praise and criticism’s for Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, the content of which express a new form of music that “pound[s] with the rhythm of engines, whirls and spirals like screws and fly-wheels, grinds and shrieks like laboring metal.” It goes on to describe “great crunching, snarling chords from the brass and thundering thumps from the timpani” and an “abhorrence of everything for which music has stood these many centuries … all human endeavor and progress are being swept aside to make room for hideous sounds.”

2. A strange cubic form; a fetish object. It radiates with a profound energy. It has a black, obsidian exterior. The interior glows with a weird, moving fluid that’s actually the most energetic substance within a class of objects called active galactic nuclei. It’s extremely luminous.

3. An iPhone 4 that is disconnected from any network, as satellites are non-functional. The iPhone contains an App called “Appropriation Station 2.” Opening the app launches generative tone poems that effectively describe “the infinite,” appropriating the concept as collateral to “intellectually survive” within the material realm. The tone poems, reminiscent of “World Musics,” leave an impression of universal solidarity amongst human beings.

4. A small coin, the “Eco-Coin” — an icon that appropriates the forgotten idea of “money” to signify building a new god. The coin is the constant reminder of the fall of commerce, it’s a “memento mori” for days-gone-by. The face of the coin reveals the following concept-key:

Aborigine = Cosmopolite
Animality = Truth Fusion
Homo Sapiens = Humanity
Vegetation = Civil Structure
Cloud Forest = Global Jungle
Conflict = Resolution.

5. Rain poncho.

- Text by Nick James


released September 14, 2015




Music For Your Plants Estonia


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